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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pictures on Wood

It seems like forever since I've crafted anything! Well I fixed that by hitting up hob lob this last week.

My first project:

Modpodging (pretty sure that's not a word lol) pictures on Wood. Ive seen a few on Pinterest but none on the plaques they sell at hobby lobby.

Here's what I used:

*Acrylic paint(any color) I started with brown, didn't like it so I used white.
*ModPodge I used the Matte one, i read some where it works best for the pictures.
*Sponge brush
*2 unfinished wood plaques (about the size of your pictures)
*2 (4x6) pictures
(Not pictured, the sandpaper)

First I painted the wood, 3 coats each. I did not paint the backs, just the sides and a little where i put the pictures.

After the paint dried I put Modpodge on the back of the pictures the stuck them to the wood, flattened it out with the side of my hand.

When that was dried about 10 mins, I put one more coat on the front of the pictures. 

After it dried it looked like this, which to me looked a bit plain. So I attempted to "distress" it, by that I mean take some brown paint and just barely touched the sides.
*TIP: keep a wet paper towel near, to wipe away any excess or to make the brown lighter.

The finished project.     

The new pic, next to our bed. Aww i know :)

Notice the once brown plaque? Yeah it looked awful, so I painted over it in white and used the sandpaper to rough up the sides. I also sandpapered the actual pictures on the ends to blend them better with the wood. I already had some easels to display them, but you could easily attach some ribbon or a hanger on the back.
This cost me about $2.94, that was for the pictures I printed at Walgreens and the wood plaques. I already had the paint, modpodge, and sandpaper at the house. I'd love to make these again using a bigger plaque. Hope y'all enjoy it!

Oh yeah, and a Weigh In Wednesday(okay Thursday) update:
Gained a pound. Three words for ya, Super Bowl Sunday. I may have over indulged. Eh whatevs, here's to a new week!