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Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Tiffany Blue & Zebra Bridal Shower}

Today I'm sharing the first bridal shower I helped plan.
It was for my sister in law, so we planned something young & fun.
Tiffany Blue & Zebra.
I love Tiffany blue, and the zebra look cute with it!

(Please forgive the crappy pics, my phone was old)

Dessert Table


Water bottles wrapped with duck tape, and Tiffany blue sugar on the rims of the glasses.

 We served a Moscato Punch, that had raspberries and sprite in it. Sooo good!

Painted Terra Cotta Pots with mini loofahs & body wash 

Game Prizes

Towel Cake & Bridal shower favors


For the favors I bought mini candles from Bath & Body Works.
I used little gift bags from hobby lobby. Put a label with a "B" for Britani.
Then stuffed a little tissue paper in.

Tiffany Blue Towel Cake

I saw some towel cakes on pinterest, then recruited my mom to help me figure out how to make one. lol 
We were totally clueless, but with a little (ok a lot) of help from YouTube we got it.
Then we added a few kitchen utensils and a cute sign for the laundry room. I also have this sign hanging right on my laundry room door. You know just to remind him haha.

That's all I have, I really wish I would have taken more/better pictures. Especially the games we played, but i was busy co-hosting and drinking. What can I say, I have a weakness for Moscato ;)

Til next time

Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Diaper Cakes}

I've helped my mom with quite a few diaper cakes over the years, but a few days ago I made one SOLO.
I had bought everything, then planned on having my mom come over and help me. Then that night I got that itch to craft some shit.

Cute, right?!
Personally I love more "plain" diaper cakes, like this one. Without all the toys and lotions. But everyone is different. I did add some lotion, and body wash to this one. It was a cake for a friend on my FB who wanted to send it to a family member out of state. She told me the mommy to be wanted hot pink and green. I got the baby's initial to put on top, the bows are hair bows (so she can use them as well as the diapers). In the middle was a large and small baby bottle.

I did the diaper cake similar to this one {Here}

I've never had a diaper cake shipped but I used shrink wrap from Hobby Lobby.
I used medium size, but i will use small next time.
After I put the shrink wrap on, that bad boy wasn't moving! 

Here is some of the past diaper I've help put together.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Despicable Me Movie Night

We did this a few months ago, and the kids (and I haha) had fun.

Our Menu:
Minion Meatball Subs

Gru's Garden Salad

Carnival Curly fries

Dr Nefario's Anti Gravity Serum

Robot Cookies

"Its So Fluffy" Cotton Candy

Kids loved dinner!

This is just calypso lemonade Kiwi flavor

Of course Cotton Candy!!!

Wish I could take credit for the menu, but I can't. My best friend Michele came up with it, I'm very lucky to have a friend who shares the same love for kid movies :)

Next time I plan a movie night I definitely, want to put more time into it. The last two were last minute, but still really cute!


Monday, August 19, 2013

Meal Plan Monday #4

Here we are yet again!
Last week, my daughter turned 10! So we took her to Sea world, and had a blast. I have never had that much fun at Sea world, maybe it was sharing it with my kids and husband that made it so much better. Whatever it was, I'm glad we have that trip to look back on. Marissa rode her first roller coaster, cried, cried some more. But finally rode it lol.

Gonna keep it short and sweet, I'm working on a diaper cake tonight. ( Been awhile since I've done one, and its the first one I'm doing completely SOLO!) :)

Monday: Taco Bell...lol 
Wasn't what was planned originally. But shit happens.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger & Fry Casserole

Wednesday: Spicy Sausage Skillet

Thursday: Cheesy Chicken, Bacon and Tater Tot Crock Pot Bake 
(anyone else think this is an EXTREMELY long name?! Geez!)

Friday: Fried Rice 

Saturday: Brats in tortillas

Sunday: Pizza


Monday, August 5, 2013

Meal Plan Monday #3

Here it is Monday, once again. BLAH! 
I guess I'm dreading the days going so fast because my bestie, is moving back to Australia the 12th :(
Ughh just typing that makes me sad! The day she leaves is also my hubs birthday, that poor guy lol

With her leaving, I'm trying to spend as much of my time as I can with her. I cant even begin to explain how close we've become in two years. So I'm making these days count! Zoo tomorrow, for a girls day :)

Okay, on to Meal planning.

Monday: Crock pot Chicken Parmesan with green beans and Garlic toast

Tuesday: PIZZA!

Wednesday: Crock pot Pork chops with mashed potatoes and corn

Thursday: Movie Night!

Friday: Breaded Ranch Chicken with Pierogies and broccoli

Sat & Sun: Go Out and leftovers

For the last 3 weeks I've been meal planning, now I do usually plan our meals before shopping. But I always found a excuse to not make dinner that night. Which means food gets wasted or we just don't use it. Since I've been blogging my meal plans, we've been sticking to them. (Money saved!) My next step is to start saving more money with coupons. (Not extreme couponing, don't nobody got time fo dat!) Well I don't anyways lol