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Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Diaper Cakes}

I've helped my mom with quite a few diaper cakes over the years, but a few days ago I made one SOLO.
I had bought everything, then planned on having my mom come over and help me. Then that night I got that itch to craft some shit.

Cute, right?!
Personally I love more "plain" diaper cakes, like this one. Without all the toys and lotions. But everyone is different. I did add some lotion, and body wash to this one. It was a cake for a friend on my FB who wanted to send it to a family member out of state. She told me the mommy to be wanted hot pink and green. I got the baby's initial to put on top, the bows are hair bows (so she can use them as well as the diapers). In the middle was a large and small baby bottle.

I did the diaper cake similar to this one {Here}

I've never had a diaper cake shipped but I used shrink wrap from Hobby Lobby.
I used medium size, but i will use small next time.
After I put the shrink wrap on, that bad boy wasn't moving! 

Here is some of the past diaper I've help put together.


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  1. Amazing DC Meg! Definitely going to try the 'less is more' approach on my next DC!