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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Despicable Me Movie Night

We did this a few months ago, and the kids (and I haha) had fun.

Our Menu:
Minion Meatball Subs

Gru's Garden Salad

Carnival Curly fries

Dr Nefario's Anti Gravity Serum

Robot Cookies

"Its So Fluffy" Cotton Candy

Kids loved dinner!

This is just calypso lemonade Kiwi flavor

Of course Cotton Candy!!!

Wish I could take credit for the menu, but I can't. My best friend Michele came up with it, I'm very lucky to have a friend who shares the same love for kid movies :)

Next time I plan a movie night I definitely, want to put more time into it. The last two were last minute, but still really cute!


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  1. I'm very lucky to have a friend with 2 adorable girls we can share these Disney nights with :)