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Monday, March 24, 2014

{Yellow & Grey Bathroom Makeover}

I'm back as promised with the latest project my mom & I did.
Her bathroom makeover! I believe a woman's bathroom should be a relaxing place, to soak in the tub, light a candle and have a nice glass of moscato ;)
 I probably take 4-5 baths a week.Seriously I love a bath at the end of a long hectic day. Anyway I wanted to find something relaxing and fun for a theme.
Yellow is fun and refreshing, add in some light grey and its soothing. Ahhh lol

Here's the vanity, we added the frame around the mirror.

The original wall color was Lemongrass. Mom liked the yellow just not that much, we used a light grey and accented with yellow. Also the gold door knobs are gone! Nickel just looks soo much better.

We decided the cabinet would look better and be used more in the guest bathroom. Less is more sometimes.
I had some extra decorations around my house that I'm not using so we put them to good use. 

We haven't finished decorating completely but i think its coming along.

The new shower curtains we made.

Yes I took A LOT of pictures of the curtains lol I was proud okay? We found the fabric at Hobby Lobby used a 40% coupon so it came to about $25. Then I bought some Stitch Witchery, because I can't sew to save my damn life! It took less than an hour to make them. If you look closely you can see the second shower curtain rod behind the first one. That's so she can use a liner when shes showering without drenching the new ones :)

Ta-Da! I am so in love with the bathroom I'm a little jealous haha but she deserves it!

I'm thinking I will be making more of these curtains for my house & possibly a tutorial. Because its soo freakin easy! 

We have moved on to the hallway and entry way of moms house, more updated to come!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bathroom Makeover {Man Edition}

It's no secret I LOVE decorating. Seriously who doesn't?! Anyway if you've seen my Pinterest boards, you would know I have a lot of things I want to do. One problem, I only have 1 house. sigh...lol
Well I found a solution, making over my parents guest bathroom.

My parents have lived in Texas since 98. My dad was military and chose to retire here, honestly couldn't imagine living in any other state. I love me some Texas :) The house has so many great memories, I was raised in that house. 

The house got a face lift outside, last summer when my mom and grandparents repainted the trim and doors. But the inside has a few outdated features like brass door knobs, some older light fixtures and some of the original white paint. Since I just moved to a new house, there isn't much improving I can do. (Cheap stuff that is) So in comes my brilliant idea to talk my parents into letting me just re do the guest bathroom.

Here it is before

It has never been painted and it still had some Chinese decorations I put up when I was in high school! lol
My dad seriously could care less about decorations, what man does? So I grabbed the paint leftover from our old house and mom and I got to work :)


We framed the mirror & bought some bronze bathroom accessories.
Switched out the white cabinet with an espresso one.

 I found those cute candle holders at Goodwill :)
Dad already had this curtain, we added the stars which we also had already.

Added some gun signs & more Texas stars
 Like I said we already had some paint, the decorations and shower curtain.

 This project was pretty cheap. We spent $60 on more paint (for the walls and white for the door and trim), the baseboards to make the frame, the spray paint for the framed mirror(which mom also sprayed the switch covers. looks good as new!) Liquid nails to glue the frame on the mirror. 
The two candle holders were $10, and the bronze accessories were from Ross for about $25.
If you ask me that's not much! Once we had it finished, (it took about 4 days because I have 2 kids that slow things down haha) my dad checked it out. He loved it! Nothing girly or frilly here! Its nothing fancy, but that is how most men prefer things lol.

**Since this makeover it has sparked a DIY bug in my mom and I to makeover the WHOLE house! I'm in heaven over here y'all! 

Stay tuned for my moms bathroom makeover ;)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Front Yard Landscaping

Finally back on here after almost a month without a post. Tisk Tisk. 
But at least I was busy doing some DIY's I can share here :)

My husband was on vacation and decided the first day that HE was going to do some landscaping in the front yard. You see how I said HE? Yeah well some how I got dragged into this deal. Don't get me wrong I love a good DIY project,but outdoors? Nah.

About 2 years ago he did some landscaping before we sold the other house. It looked great and it was pretty easy to do. Just layering some retaining wall bricks from Lowe's. 

Here's the before pic

The After

Added some mulch, 2 bushes, a Texas paver(which i miss!) and a hose holder.
Like I said really easy, not too expensive front yard makeover.

Now on to our current house :)

As you can see I was a little late on getting a true before picture lol, he had already leveled the ground and cemented it.

Before we got started on the mortar, he made sure to plan out which stones to put where so we can move along faster.

Here is my oldest and I smoothing the mortar and filling the cracks. A total pain in the ass. Seriously, it was hard to find a good mixture of sand vs mortar, and what stones fit where, etc. In the picture above I was a bit worried about the end result. It was lookin' rough haha

It was drying in this pic

And the finished product! Ta dah! It took about 4 days, and cost roughly $350. The plants were already there so all we had to add was LOTS of top soil and red mulch. We've received many compliments from our neighbors already! It looks professionally done in my opinion :)

Even though this project took us a few days and was hard work. I think it was totally worth it!