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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Front Yard Landscaping

Finally back on here after almost a month without a post. Tisk Tisk. 
But at least I was busy doing some DIY's I can share here :)

My husband was on vacation and decided the first day that HE was going to do some landscaping in the front yard. You see how I said HE? Yeah well some how I got dragged into this deal. Don't get me wrong I love a good DIY project,but outdoors? Nah.

About 2 years ago he did some landscaping before we sold the other house. It looked great and it was pretty easy to do. Just layering some retaining wall bricks from Lowe's. 

Here's the before pic

The After

Added some mulch, 2 bushes, a Texas paver(which i miss!) and a hose holder.
Like I said really easy, not too expensive front yard makeover.

Now on to our current house :)

As you can see I was a little late on getting a true before picture lol, he had already leveled the ground and cemented it.

Before we got started on the mortar, he made sure to plan out which stones to put where so we can move along faster.

Here is my oldest and I smoothing the mortar and filling the cracks. A total pain in the ass. Seriously, it was hard to find a good mixture of sand vs mortar, and what stones fit where, etc. In the picture above I was a bit worried about the end result. It was lookin' rough haha

It was drying in this pic

And the finished product! Ta dah! It took about 4 days, and cost roughly $350. The plants were already there so all we had to add was LOTS of top soil and red mulch. We've received many compliments from our neighbors already! It looks professionally done in my opinion :)

Even though this project took us a few days and was hard work. I think it was totally worth it!


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