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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Busy Bee!

Hope Everyone had an awesome Memorial Day weekend!
I know my family and I did! We spent lots of time together, mostly just me and the girls :)
Here was some of our Saturday!
Soaking their tootsies
After we ran some errands, we came home and I gathered up all of my favorite things I use to pamper myself. Then treated the girls to a night of pampering! Pedicures, Chocolate Facials & a movie.
After their toes were done!
Chocolate Facials
Myla kept trying to eat it! lol I bought them from walmart, pretty cheap.
I didn't get to try the mask, but the kids loved them & they smelled awesome.
Movie Night
After the pampering, we made a comfy place on the floor and watched Brave.
It was a cute movie and Myla even watched the whole thing!
Sunday we had a friends housewarming/memorial day party. For the first time in a LONG time, me and the hubs got to go out and have some fun with friends! Thank goodness for living by both sets of grandparents.
I made a wine "cake" for their housewarming gift. Who doesn't love wine?
Moscato "cake"
I saw a picture on pinterest with a similar idea but no website :(
So I decided to try and wing it, 2 hours before the party. I'm going to be making another for my moms bday, maybe I'll post a tutorial? ;)
Pictures from the BBQ

Sadly no pictures with my man, he was around some where lol
But I had a great night with my best gal friends
Hopefully I can get on here more this week to post some, home tour pics!

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