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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BaBee Shower

Been thinking its time for another baby shower theme.
As you can tell I was busy with baby showers that year! (It must of been in the water lol)
Now this shower was probably one of the cutest, I personally loved the bee theme.
The mommy to bee ;) didn't know what the gender of the baby was when we started planning her shower, so we looked for some neutral ideas. Originally it was suppose to be gender neutral but she found out it was a baby girl. So I just added a Bee with a pink bow.

Banner DIY
Ok, can I please toot my own horn for a second? This banner was ALL handmade!
I cant take all the credit (my mom and bestie helped cut out letters,etc) but yeah it was too frickin cute!
We printed and cut out everything, yes it took forever and a damn day! That is why I'm still waiting on my hubs to buy me a cricut. 

You can buy the bee & beehive off etsy, comes as a download so you can print and adjust to whatever size you need. The banner was a template I found on pinterest and traced around it. Punched some holes in them and tied together with some polka dot ribbon.

Dessert Table

For decorations I went with simple yellow lanterns and DIY tissue pom poms. Do not buy those already "made" pom poms from party stores! Seriously, you can get a big package of tissue paper for like a dollar and make tons of these! YouTube that shit.

If you look closely, you can see little bitty bumble bees on the lanterns, hot glued those bad boys. 

DIY onesies
I used the clothes line and put some onesies that I printed myself. Use some Iron on transfer paper & google Bees. That easy! Of course they all said bee related things (BaBee Triana, Bee kind, I'm what all the BUZZZ is about)

My mom did it once again! Made a bee-utiful diaper cake! I really like how the shredded paper looked with it, filled in a lot of the blank areas. 

We left little notes (wishes) for the baby.
Guess how Many Honeycombs
We played a few games like dress the baby, dirty diaper. But I highly suggest some things for people to do on their own while people are eating and talking. So the two ideas above really helped keep everyone entertained while I was getting games ready or refilling snacks.

The favors were little jars of honey, tied with some fabric from HobLob and curling ribbon.

My very own bee hive. Well sort of, its made out of donut holes! Heck yes! Now I saw this on pinterest but there was no instructions or even a website. So I kind of guessed on how to do it and hoped for the best. Not bad right?
I cut a round Styrofoam ball(large) you can get at a craft store. Covered it with aluminum foil, stuck some toothpicks on the end of a donut and boom! A donut bee hive. To make the front look like a "hole" i used chocolate donut holes. Then I sat some extra bees from the lanterns on them. Be sure to tell people they are NOT edible. Because they will try and eat them. Take it from me.

Simple Lemonade Punch

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
The adorable cake, the mommy to be's sister ordered to match!

Thats pretty much it, hope ya'll love it!


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  1. Love the bee hive! Looking everywhere online for the spheres. The biggest I can find is 6"! And did you cut the bottom of the sphere to make it sit flat on the plate? Love this!