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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Softball

Hey there! Sorry for my lack of posting, stuffs been cray cray over here!
Mostly we've been taking my oldest to softball. Games,Practices and Tournaments. She has some serious dedication to it, and i cant lie. I LOVE it! I was never the athletic type, so seeing her be so disciplined and great at softball, well it makes this momma proud. :)

Seriously. I don't lol
We have practice twice a week 2-3 hrs, she played for two teams until one season ended. Thank you Jeebus! Now we have tournaments all over central Texas. I'm not gonna lie, its alot of work for both her and the family. Wouldn't change it for the world though, nothing beats seeing her get excited when she hits that ball!

Go #8!!!!

Like I said. Its tough :)
 This was a 3 day tournament, I was so proud of the girls. Myla was very well behaved, I mean a two year old at the fields for 3 days straight? Sleeping (or not.) in a strange place. I'm so thankful for the person who invented the portable DVD player. Especially the one with two screens, they have a tendancy to argue over EVERYTHING these days. Marissa was a trooper, early games, Texas heat, and some tough opponents. She still put her game face on and kicked some ass. 

  Oh and her other team went undefeated this season! Holla! 

Hopefully I will learn to balance softball and home, here soon.


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