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Friday, June 28, 2013


How's everyone's summer so far?
I can't complain myself. We're still figuring out what to do during the days, lately the girls have had movie nights in my oldest daughters room. Simple but they love being able to stay up later together. We have done a few fun things the last two weeks. We visited a water park, did some Frisbee golf (is that the name? lol), and plenty of softball games!

 I really want to plan out some fun and exciting things to do for the kids, then I came up with an idea to find out exactly what they want to do. Well kind of, i asked Marissa to come up with 10 (reasonable) things she would like to do for the summer. Surprisingly she had no problem and every idea was great. Plus I can actually afford them! 

Here they are:

1. Play outside (without Myla). (yes she put that, I couldn't help but laugh)
2. Go to the pool.
3. Go to the movies.
4. Go to the arcade.
5. Go to the mall.
6. Bowling.
7. Zoo.
8.Water park.
9. Once a week have a girl's night.
10. Once a day play with Myla. (I think the last one was to suck up or something lol)

Not to bad huh? While I was stuck on what to do, she already had some great ideas. That being said, instead of pinning (like I did) ideas just ask them. My two year old is a little to young to ask, but she can certainly do all things on the list. Now do not worry, i will still be doing all kinds of crafts and activities from pinterest to share! :) 

I love these summer schedules on pinterest though!



Starting Monday I will be putting one of them to use! See ya'll then.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Age gets better with Wine

My Moms Birthday.

We've never done anything super special for my moms birthday, so last year I decided to change that!
She deserved it, so what better way to celebrate than a wine & cupcake tasting?

I made a "V" out of corks.
 To make the wine cork letter, just buy a simple unfinished wood letter (got mine from hoblob),
since I threw my corks away I bought some on amazon really cheap. Then i hot glued them on the wood, super easy & a great gift for any wine lover!

Party Favors

 For the favors I made some chalk wine glasses, I used Dollar Tree glasses & dipped the bottoms into chalkboard paint. Used some matching ribbon to tie around the stem & found some wine charms for a $1 at Micheal's. I left some chalk out so we could write our names and keep track of our glasses.

Moms GIANT wine glass

 I had to get my mom the biggest glass for the party, hello shes the birthday girl after all. =)

Cheese to nibble on

Matching pretzel sticks

 After mingling for a bit, we started the Wine & Cupcake tasting.

I bought these printable from Etsy.

We had 3 white wines & 3 red wines. I asked everyone to bring a new wine they had never tried. We ended up with A LOT of wine. Sa-weet!
To pick the wines for the tasting I went to Twin Liquors & asked a sweet lady who worked there. They were extremely helpful. Since I almost always sip Moscato, I was clueless.
I found a wine I liked that was a red & the after taste was chocolate. So yum!

Ho-kay, on to some sweets. I went over to my favorite bakery {HERE}. Ordered some mini cupcakes (to keep cost down I went with mini) we got Margarita, Red Velvet, and Chocolate Chip. They were amazing! My mom loves margaritas so I got that one more for her. My fav would probably be the chocolate chip.

Mini Cupcakes

Cupcake Tasting

Happy Birthday!

 We had everyone sign a bottle of wine for mom to always remember this bday, I added some matching flowers just to pretty it up a bit.

Mini Moscato Favors
After everyone was done I handed out mini moscato's and put the tags on with some curling ribbon. It says "Vikki is 44 & fabulous!" So cute, I loved the change in color too. I never use orange to decorate, it was actually very pretty. Sutter Homes moscato bottles were orange also, can you say perfect?!

The birthday girl  :)
I had a great time celebrating my moms bday, we even got her co workers and friends to my house to surprise her. Love that lady right there!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby All Star Shower

Hey Ya'll!
Last week I posted the first baby shower I did and it seemed to be a pretty big hit on pinterest.
So why not share another?

I planned 3 baby showers last year. After the first one I kind of became obsessed with party planning :) 
I love surprising people with a party just for them & making the party unique. (No store bought party packages here!) 

One on my closest friends Linda was expecting a baby boy & since I hadn't seen her since she moved I was more than happy to throw her baby shower when she came for a visit.


 The theme was a All Star baby shower, since I have two girls it was neat to shop for boy stuff.

Diaper Wreath 

Baby Morton

Made this banner myself

The banner was a pain, to put it lightly lol
I literally cut and traced EVERY thing for it.
I used scrap-booking paper from HobLob, cut in a triangle then typed and printed out the letters in Word.
Cut and pasted them, then used some blue ribbon to tie them together.
Even though it was a pain and you can barely see some letters, I loved it!
Nobody sold all star banners around town so ha!

The food table

For the food table, I used pom poms(again made at home)
then tied fishing line to sport cut outs. Who says you cant use pom poms for a boy?
Then I used sport colors for the utensils, napkins,etc.

Sports Diaper Cake by Mom & I.

Whats a baby shower with out a Diaper Cake?! Thankfully I have a very crafty mom, every party or baby shower I've thrown shes been right there helping.
She first made a diaper cake with my youngest daughter, and they were beautiful!
So she taught me & together we've done quite a few over the years.
I saw the idea of using receiving blankets around the cake & decided to give it a try.
Awesome right? I think it makes it look more like a "cake".
Plus you can never have too many receiving blankets!

Mommy to be seat

 Here is the Mommy to be's chair, sitting next to the prizes for the games.
I went to Micheal's and found all kinds of sports related things. All for a $1.
The bags are reusable, and inside were playing cards(in the shape of sports balls), candy, lotions.

Onesie Clothes line

Diaper Doodling Station

 To keep the guests' busy we did diaper doodling, between the games and eating.
It was cute to read some of the messages, and some were down right hilarious.

Up close of the Diaper doodle sign

Sport themed foods

Moms popcorn & chocolate covered pretzels

Oreo's covered in chocolate

Sports Punch with All Star duckys

Reese's Cups

Remember the last shower we put stickers on Hershey's Kisses? Well, they fit on Reese's too!


 Lastly the favor station. We had a co-ed shower, so I made the guys Temper Tantrum sauce(hot sauce)
and the ladies Hershey bars.

If you look close you can see their names in the background

Home made candy wrappers
Candy wrappers were actually leftover paper from the banner. Then printed the rest on sticker paper. Boom! Custom Candy wrappers!

The hot sauce wrappers were sheets of sticker paper cut to fit around the bottles.
The guys loved the hot sauce, and its really hard to find favors for men. You could also do BBQ sauces and call them baby Q sauce. There you have it, see ya'll soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Disney Movie Night

School is out!

What does that mean for this mom? Well it means two things.
1. I don't have to wake up super early. Woot Woot!
2.I have to find things to do, to keep these crazy kids entertained.

So i set out on pinterest to find cheap, fun things for summer.
I found so many things that I cannot wait to do with the girls. But since I had less than a day to plan it I went with a Disney movie night.
I've actually been wanting to do this for months, so my best friend and I chose Little Mermaid.
I wanted to try a classic that the kids hadn't already watched about a million times. (Tangled,Up)
Little Mermaid was my favorite as a little girl, so I think I enjoyed the movie more than the kids lol
I found a few blogs who had some really cute ideas!

Marissa & Myla ready with their tickets!

 The food was really good! Stuffed Shells, garlic toast, cupcakes, & "ocean water"
I was suppose to make a "crab" cake but the cupcakes were easier!

 Marissa really loved the drinks! Just mix Hawaiian punch(blue) & sprite.
 Swedish Fish on the cupcakes
Under the Sea Cupcakes

ocean water
 It was a lot of fun! Next time I will plan a activity for them to do with the movie. Hope you enjoyed!