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Friday, June 7, 2013

Disney Movie Night

School is out!

What does that mean for this mom? Well it means two things.
1. I don't have to wake up super early. Woot Woot!
2.I have to find things to do, to keep these crazy kids entertained.

So i set out on pinterest to find cheap, fun things for summer.
I found so many things that I cannot wait to do with the girls. But since I had less than a day to plan it I went with a Disney movie night.
I've actually been wanting to do this for months, so my best friend and I chose Little Mermaid.
I wanted to try a classic that the kids hadn't already watched about a million times. (Tangled,Up)
Little Mermaid was my favorite as a little girl, so I think I enjoyed the movie more than the kids lol
I found a few blogs who had some really cute ideas!

Marissa & Myla ready with their tickets!

 The food was really good! Stuffed Shells, garlic toast, cupcakes, & "ocean water"
I was suppose to make a "crab" cake but the cupcakes were easier!

 Marissa really loved the drinks! Just mix Hawaiian punch(blue) & sprite.
 Swedish Fish on the cupcakes
Under the Sea Cupcakes

ocean water
 It was a lot of fun! Next time I will plan a activity for them to do with the movie. Hope you enjoyed! 

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